"The Sand Bar " timber and resin serving/cutting board

"The Sand Bar " timber and resin serving/cutting board


Unique timber and resin combination cutting board by Wood Grain Designs.


Camphor Laurel timber and light turquoise see through resin with traces of dark blue and has a lovely bevelled edge. A unique handcrafted board which is finished off with food safe oil and polished to bring out the beautiful colours of the resin.


A lovely board to add to your home if you have those hints of turquoise and a great talking piece when you have guests.


Dimensions 495mm L x 295mm W x 20mm H


Overseas orders welcome and shipping can be arranged.


Call or email if you have an enquiry about a custom piece.


  • Care Instructions

    This timber has natural anti bacterial qualities to it.

    Wash or wipe with luke warm water.

    Re oil with food safe oil such as orange oil, grape seed oil or mineral oil every 3-6 months depending on use.

    Fine to use for every day purposes and resin will mark the same as the timber with fine scratches from knife use.

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