U Resin Cast 1.5 Litre

U Resin Cast 1.5 Litre




U RESIN Cast is a simple 2:1 ratio by volume. U RESIN Cast has a very low viscosity and excellent bubble dispersion.With a working time of 50 minutes (based on 150ml @ 22 degrees Celsius) this is the perfect system for filling timber crevices, creating river tables, embedding, and general mould-castings.


U RESIN Cast can be poured between 5-20mm thick per layer (for best results).With a high temperature resistance of up to 110 degrees (Celsius), it is the ideal casting system for River Tables or Coasters.


U RESIN Liquid Glass is an easy, crystal clear 1:1 ratio by volume. U RESIN Liquid Glass has a low viscosity, 60 minute working time & excellent UV Stabilisers. It has very few bubbles and will disperse when poured or with any heat. This is a great system for creating artworks, cheeseboards/ serving boards, MDF/ tile coasters, or as a glossy clear coat over other artworks (i.e. acrylic or ink paintings).


U RESIN Liquid Glass is a self-levelling resin system that provides a beautiful glass-like finish when mixed, poured and cured.


(M) SDS also available on request. Please email: info@uresin.com.au for a copy.


Postage and packaging included in price.

  • U RESIN Cast benefits:

    – Excellent UV Stability
    – Low Odour
    – VOC Free
    – Glossy Finish
    – Hard curing
    – Compressive Strength
    – High Temperature resistance

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