Edge Grain Cutting Boards

Edge grain cutting boards made from Camphor Laurel. Each come with a juice groove and measure 400mm long x 300mm wide and 40mm thick. Camphor Laurel has been scientifically proven by NATA to be completely antibacterial so very safe in any kitchen even for cutting raw meat and chicken. Boards can be personalised with a name or shop logo. Boards come gift wrapped and boxed but can be unboxed if preferred.

Each board comprises of edge grain timber boards glued together with food safe and waterproof glue to give a hard surface. Edge grain timber is the strongest part of the board and preferred by chefs for chopping since it tends to show knife scratches and marks less. Edge grain also shows the grain beautifully in the timber.


 We have a juice groove all around the boards and all have a round over edge on the top and smaller edge on the bottom. All boards are highly sanded to give a very smooth finish.


Although timber cutting boards are not dishwasher safe, due to the natural antibacterial qualities of camphor laurel, all boards only require to be washed with warm soapy water just to remove any food particles. All boards are finished with food safe oil and wax.